Here’s what some of my clients have had to say about the way I work.

  • “Lisa was really warm and supportive during our sessions- she helped me see that I could create a plan to achieve specific career goals that I aspire to. I felt inspired and optimistic- I never expected coaching to be so uplifting! Lisa has good insight and instinct and is very personable and easy to work with. I enjoyed our sessions and feel they added real value to my life – I would recommend Lisa to friends, family and colleagues.”  Nathalie, 31
  • “Lisa is very empathic and gentle as a coach and I feel that her systemic style of coaching has helped me to give more structure to what I want to achieve as I clarified my thoughts / ideas and changed them into actions.”  Catherine, 38.
  • “Working with Lisa has been a real privilege, her warmth, openness and non-judgmental approach to coaching makes you feel relaxed and at ease instantly.  Lisa has really helped me see positive ways of thinking about goals and situations so that I can move past any road blocks I have encountered – the fact that she is also a lovely, friendly person make her a pleasure to work with.” Leanne, 34.

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