Career change coaching

527406_21247890People in full time employment spend around half of their waking lives working, and sometimes more! It is so important that the work we do leaves us feeling rewarded and fulfilled. However, many of us settle for sub-par careers, knowing full well that they don’t make us happy.


You may need career coaching if you:

  • repeatedly miss out on promotions
  • feel bored and demotivated at work
  • are under-performing at work
  • are considering a career change
  • don’t know what it is you really want to do as a career
  • have poor working relationships with your boss and /or colleagues
  • feel stressed
  • have a poor work/life balance
  • feel stuck and trapped in your job
  • are considering starting your own business
  • are taking your work resentment home to your family and loved ones

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn career coaching, you will go through the entire coaching journey specifically focusing on your career. You will discover what your strengths are, where your passions lie and how you can incorporate both into your working life. You will develop a bright and detailed vision of where you would like your career to be and together we will forge a road to take you there. You may be surprised at what you discover, and your incredible inner resources to achieve a bright and brilliant new future will be unlocked and unleashed. You will feel empowered, in charge of your own destiny and in possession of a clear path to career success that brings both passion and purpose to your monthly paycheque.

The areas that career coaching can assist you with are:

  • Finding purpose and passion
  • Discovering your true calling
  • Starting a business
  • Career transitions
  • Taking a career leap
  • Retirement
  • Relocating
  • Promotion/advancement
  • Leadership skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Work relationships
  • Stress
  • Home/work/life balance
  • Negotiating a payrise
  • Redundancy
  • Job retention

1352113_82313327smallWhat’s preventing you from making your career dreams a reality? What is it that’s making you settle for anything less than a brilliant, rewarding and fulfilling working life? Fill in the contact form and arrange your free, no-obligation consultation call and we’ll discuss together how New Shoots can help throw the gates wide open to your brilliant career..

¬†What is it that’s making you settle for anything less than a brilliant, rewarding and fulfilling working life? Let me know.