Personal coaching

New Shoots Coaching works with private individuals from all walks of life and in a range of different capacities. This is not an exhaustive list of the types of coaching I can offer, rather a tasting menu. You can combine any of these kinds of coaching together, along with others you may like to suggest, to create your own unique coaching journey. For information on pricing please see the Fees page.

Personal development coaching

The most common coaching dynamic focuses on the client’s personal development, in other words a broad range of self-improvement work, including goal setting and achievement, discovery of core values and wishes, and identifying and overcoming obstacles to future growth. Find out more about this in the Personal Development coaching page.

Career coaching

602266_39838058We spend so much of our waking time working; it is vital that our working life is engaging and fulfilling. Career coaching assists clients who wish to focus specifically on their careers, and who wish to find purpose and passion at the same time as paying the bills. This coaching area also helps clients to achieve the work-life balance they want. Find out more on the Career coaching page.