How to achieve your personal development goals: being a centred self

Just the other day I overheard two women in front of me in a queue; they were discussing a friend of theirs – someone they used to really like spending time with , but who had apparently become “OMG, SO, like, self-centred”. This got me thinking.

It’s a strange word, self-centred. How is it that putting yourself at the centre of your own universe has become a byword for selfishness, greed, arrogance, and more? And is this really fair? Read More

A simple word that just might change your life

Everyday language has profound effects

Have you ever considered that the everyday language you use could be keeping you psychologically and physically trapped into a way of living that’s not your own?

There’s a little word that we all use, pretty much every day. It looks harmless enough, just 6 little letters sitting innocently in a row. But when used aloud this word has an astonishing effect on the psyche.

What is this word? Read More

3 ways to stop feeling stuck

Feeling stuck in life?

We’ve all been there – stuck in the wrong job, the wrong relationship, the wrong lifestyle. We know it’s not right, but for some reason we put up with it anyway. In this post I’ll be introducing you to some of the key reasons why people stay stuck in life, and how you can choose, right now, to overcome them. Read More