How coaching works

A typical coaching relationship

There’s actually no such thing as a typical coaching relationship; it’s as unique as the individuals I work with. But here’s a broad overview of what you might be able to expect from coaching.

We set the frequency of sessions according to what you feel is right for you. We need to tread the fine line between keeping up the momentum of your journey, and allowing you time to complete actions if you have set them, or just to ‘be’ with your growing self-awareness. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

First contact

Normally your first telephone contact with me is in the free, no-obligation  pre-coaching call. This call will last around half an hour. You can ask any questions you have about the process and I will ask questions to find out if coaching could be something likely to help you. It’s crucial that you understand at this stage what coaching is, and what it isn’t, in order for us both to consider whether coaching is in your best interests. You’ll also get a feel for my personality and whether there is a natural dynamic between us that will allow you to get the very best out of your coaching experience.

If you decide you’d like to go ahead you will sign the New Shoots Coaching agreement and we will arrange our first coaching session together, at a mutually convenient time.

The first session

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the first session you’ll be able to tell me everything I need to know about all areas of your life and what has brought you to coaching at this particular time. I’ll get to know what’s important to you and ask you questions to help you determine what it is you’d like to be different. We leave session 1 with a vision of where you’d like to be. The intention here is for you to leave the session feeling uplifted, focused and inspired by the vision we have mapped out together, as well as confident that I understand what’s going on for you and how you want things to change. This is your first step towards making your brilliant life a reality; feel proud!

You will leave the session feeling uplifted and inspired by the vision we have mapped out together.

The second session

At the next session we start working out how you can move forwards. I will ask lots more questions and together we will explore your responses; you’ll be in a safe, non-judgmental environment and this kind of questioning and curiosity about your situation, beliefs, and behaviours will assist you in gaining insights, learning about yourself, and understanding the barriers that have prevented you making your vision a reality until now. We’ll develop a plan for your growth, your new shoots, that nourishes and nurtures you. The plan may be challenging and stretching at times, but I will be right by your side. You are completely in charge, and you decide what landmarks you want to visit on your journey.

I embrace the transformational coaching approach rather than the transactional approach; by this I mean that we won’t simply be making a to-do list together, with me holding you accountable to complete things at certain times, rather I will be assisting you in learning and developing, and overcoming inner obstacles. In the safe space of the coaching relationship we can apply an inquisitive curiosity to your situation and explore how you can move towards a place of positive change. We investigate together and hold with deep respect all that we find. Later in the session we may feel it is appropriate to help you design your first actions to take you forward. We work with whatever is right for you at that time.  You’ll leave the session feeling ‘full’ of food for thought, certainly with a growing awareness of your inner self, and perhaps with your first few actions ready for you to begin.

I will be assisting you in exploring, nourishing and nurturing the wonderful creation that is you.

Following sessions

1424137_34276575At the following sessions we will check in with your actions from the last session, if you had them, and discuss how you’ve been getting on, how you’re feeling and what’s come up for you since the last session. We’ll revisit your vision and check it still resonates with you, and check in with the plan we’ve created together. I’ll hold the space for your achievements, your challenges, and keep in mind the bigger picture for you, as well as the finer detail. We’ll discover new learning through another series of questions and insights, making links and finding patterns, and we’ll use this learning to set new actions for the following session, if that’s what feels right for you. You may want to start sharing the successes you’re seeing from coaching with others. You may feel lighter, more purposeful, excited about life, with a more positive outlook on your particular situation. It’s important to remember that the success of your coaching journey will depend on your commitment to the process, being true to yourself and allowing yourself to ‘be’ with the emotions and learning that we discover together.

You’ll probably want to start sharing the successes you’re seeing from coaching with others.


The last session

782501_97372411We’ll keep working together until you feel ready to move on from coaching. At that point we’ll have a final session together. In this session we’ll focus on bringing things to a close, acknowledging the huge steps you’ve taken and the incredible journey you’ve been on. You may have reached your original goal, or it may have changed and evolved beyond all recognition, or you may be still working towards it. You may be astonished at how far you have come and the results you have seen. Whatever’s the case you will have taken the journey that was right for you, and there will be real learning that you can take forwards with you.  We’ll discuss all of the tools and techniques you’ve learned along the way so that, while the New Shoots door is always open, you also understand your inner means and resources and how you can apply these to future situations.

Ok. I’m interested. What now?

When you are ready to take the first steps towards your incredible new future, please use the contact form to get in touch and arrange your free, no-obligation pre-coaching call.