About coaching


Coaching is a dynamic, professional relationship where clients discover their core values, needs and desires, and go through a transformational process in order to align their lives more powerfully with those very same things. Put simply, coaching helps people to put out new and more effective ‘shoots’ in life, when the old ones are no longer serving them.

Personal coaching

Coaching has been shown to be very useful in private clients who:

  • Are considering career transitions
  • Are feeling ‘stuck’
  • Are feeling that they have no time for themselves
  • Feel like there must be more to life, somehow
  • Feel like they have put their dreams to one side as unachievable

…and many more situations besides!

Find out more about what coaching is and how it works, in the information pages ‘Why try coaching‘ and ‘How coaching works‘.

Coaching can help people to achieve astonishing personal growth and goal realisation. New Shoots offers general personal development coaching as well as coaching for specific specialist areas. Find out more about personal coaching in the dedicated pages on Personal Coaching.

Workplace / corporate coaching

Workplace coaching can assist companies to:

  • Gain increased performance levels from their staff
  • Unlock and develop employee potential
  • Increase employee retainment
  • Lower employee absence from illness and stress
  • Experience greater commitment from employees to overall business objectives

Workplaces who establish an ongoing coaching programme experience real and tangible return on investment. They develop a contented and healthy workforce who are committed to the business’s goals.